The story began in the 1947 when first experienced the phenomenal economic and commercial growth which still characterizes its development today. The development was spearheaded by the leading business groups, Government of Pakistan and also supported by the trading skills of Pakistan's prominent businessfamilies. Amongst these was the HOS, founded by the Saeed Kushtiwala family.

Mr. Haji Fazal Ellahi, the Group Chairman, began his economic activities in the 1930’s, when he started the trading business with his father. The family was the first to start a building hardware store in addition to a metal trading and an aluminum extrusion & fabrication industry.

The building materials traded by ECPL are of very high standards and carry individual product certifications.

The philosophy has always been to build strong foundations in major market areas, and the primary focus was on activities that would foster the economy of Pakistan. This vision and drive paid off as the Group not only prospered from Pakistan's rapid development, but also actively contributed to it.

The Group has evolved considerably over the last 50 years and has consolidated the presence and reputation in the Region as one of the most dynamic and successful business group. Today in the markets characterized by increasing volatility and change, HOS looks forward to the future with strong foundations underpinned by the heritage and culture.

HOS is a main business group contributing to the economy of Pakistan. The Group was founded by, Mr. Haji Fazal Ellahi & Mr. Saeed A. Kushtiwala. The group further strengthened by Mr. M. Rizwan Saeed. HOS is a pioneer of the business society and a pillar in the business community. The HOS is a company owned and managed by the family members and handpicked professionals. HOS has been in business for over 80 years with expertise in retail, trading, industry and manufacturing.


To be a high-value partner for our customers providing them with innovative products, professional support and services while meeting our obligations to society and the environment.


To lead the industry in each line of our business and generate sustainable growth for stakeholders; with focus on clients, employees, and suppliers.