Both Dorma and Kaba have pursued a consistent umbrella brand strategy with which the two companies have become two of the best-known and valuable brands in their core markets – beyond their own industry.

The two companies of Dorma and Kaba are united by a shared vision of developing innovative access solutions for the buildings of the future. Two high-performing brands linked by expertise in the area of smart and secure access solutions are now becoming a global unit.

the dormakaba Group’s portfolio contains a number of other valuable brands for:

• Access Solutions

• Key Systems

• Movable Walls

Awards in four successive years in the Innovation Prize for Architecture and Technology set a high standard, and are a measure of a philosophy based on a readiness to innovate when the subjects are Decke Licht Raum (ceilings, light and space).

durlum's objective is to positively influence spaces through harmony of ceiling and light.

We offer individual solutions which unite function and design. And above all solutions in which you feel good.

TGP has two manufacturing facilities, which allows us to maintain a broad inventory of labware, flat stock, rod and tubing. These items are all supported by the finest engineers, machinists and glass blowers in the industry. Therefore, we can strategically satisfy our customers’ requirements.

We also excel in technical product assistance of all types including design, temperature ranges and purity level qualifications. Because of our state-of-the-art equipment and methods, we are capable of achieving the industry’s most stringent standards and tolerances. Our products are always fully guaranteed for workmanship and quality.

Technical Glass Products is proud of its expertise, and we welcome the opportunity to supply all of your quartz needs.

To us light is sensual. It should be flexible and adaptable. It must deliver optimal visual precision while consuming minimum environmental resources. We appreciate cutting-edge designs that raise lighting to an art form, while never compromising function.

To every project and every client we bring our vast store of knowledge and experience in classic to contemporary styles. We commit the highest quality, design and technical excellence, as well as comprehensive after-sales support. Added to this mix is our absolute passion for enhancing the quality of space – a passion which drives us daily and has seen Million become a premier choice for architects, engineers and interior designers.

Santrio provides a wide range of blinds and exquisite sun shading for both indoor and outdoor environments.