Both Dorma and Kaba have pursued a consistent umbrella brand strategy with which the two companies have become two of the best-known and valuable brands in their core markets – beyond their own industry.

The two companies of Dorma and Kaba are united by a shared vision of developing innovative access solutions for the buildings of the future. Two high-performing brands linked by expertise in the area of smart and secure access solutions are now becoming a global unit.

the dormakaba Group’s portfolio contains a number of other valuable brands for:

• Access Solutions

• Key Systems

• Movable Walls

Dorma and Kaba become dormakaba - a smart step for smart access solutions. Dorma and Kaba are now dormakaba. Our merger underscores our commitment to you, our customer. We offer products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms – no all from a single source. With more than 150 years of experience, we stand for security, sustainability and reliability. And with this foundation we want to remain at your side as a skilled partner. Smart access solutions for your satisfaction.

The merger to dormakaba offers you added value in each phase of our collaboration. We are now there for you through every development phase of your building project, enabling the best solutions for your requirements. We aim at developing products, solutions and services that make life for our customers and end-users more simple and secure.

With our presence in over 130 countries we operate both globally and locally – we are there wherever you need us. We know the on-site requirements, we listen to our customers and partners, we ask the right questions and consider every aspect to come up with smart, secure access solutions – everything related to doors and secure access to buildings and rooms provided from a single source.

Comprehensive portfolio

We can now offer you an expanded, comprehensive portfolio of services for access to buildings and rooms. We are there for you with our high-quality offering wherever you need innovative, reliable access and security solutions – in hotels, shops, sporting venues, airports, hospitals, in the home or at the office.