Durlum is a manufacturer of metal ceilings, open-cell ceilings, expanded metal ceilings, chilled and heated ceilings, raft ceiling, illuminated-surface ceilings, luminaires and lighting and daylighting systems. Our products are an integral, functional, and enduring component of modern design and emotional architecture.

It is our objective to cooperate with our partners to create individual, made-to-measure solutions, which provide an optimum combination of function and design.

It is not a matter of knowing the answers, but of understanding the questions. By questioning, we approach our environment, our past, and our future. They are the route to our objective.

Awards in four successive years in the Innovation Prize for Architecture and Technology set a high standard, and are a measure of a philosophy based on a readiness to innovate when the subjects are Decke Licht Raum (ceilings, light and space).

Durlum's objective is to positively influence spaces through harmony of ceiling and light.

They offer individual solutions which unite function and design. And above all solutions in which you feel good.